Rhino Paint Protection Film is a technologically advanced, transparent urethane material designed to shield vehicle surfaces from external damages. This film acts as a virtually invisible armor, providing an outstanding barrier against stone chips, road debris, abrasions, and harmful environmental elements such as bird droppings and tree sap. Its self-healing properties mean that minor scratches and marks disappear over time, ensuring that the vehicle’s paintwork remains in pristine condition for longer.
Beyond its primary protective function, Rhino PPF enhances a vehicle’s appearance by offering a high-gloss finish that amplifies the depth and clarity of the underlying paint. The film is UV-resistant, preventing the paint beneath from fading due to harmful sun rays. Easy to maintain, Rhino PPF can be washed and waxed like the rest of the vehicle, ensuring a consistently polished look. The added resilience and aesthetic value provided by the Rhino Paint Protection Film make it an essential addition for any car owner seeking to maintain their vehicle’s appearance and resale value.

Product Structure

Product Structure

 Gloss Enhancing Protection Layer

 Top coating layer
      -Hydrophobic Property
      -Gloss & UV Ray Protection

      -Shock Absorbent

      -Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

 Release Liner

Advancement Development Shieldment

Over 7 years in the film protection market.